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Trail: Learning the Java Language
Lesson: Language Basics

Questions and Exercises: Variables


  1. The term "instance variable" is another name for ___.
  2. The term "class variable" is another name for ___.
  3. A local variable stores temporary state; it is declared inside a ___.
  4. A variable declared within the opening and closing parenthesis of a method signature is called a ____.
  5. What are the eight primitive data types supported by the Java programming language?
  6. Character strings are represented by the class ___.
  7. An ___ is a container object that holds a fixed number of values of a single type.


  1. Create a small program that defines some fields. Try creating some illegal field names and see what kind of error the compiler produces. Use the naming rules and conventions as a guide.
  2. In the program you created in Exercise 1, try leaving the fields uninitialized and print out their values. Try the same with a local variable and see what kind of compiler errors you can produce. Becoming familiar with common compiler errors will make it easier to recognize bugs in your code.

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