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Questions and Exercises: Java Web Start


  1. In a link that is to run a Java Web Start application, which file is specified as the a tag's href attribute?

  2. Which MIME type must a Web server recognize in order for it to host Java Web Start applications?

  3. In an application's JNLP file, which two elements must be specified within the resources element?

  4. Which interface provides the ability to control how the Java Web Start application's resources are cached?

    1. BasicService
    2. DownloadService
    3. PersistenceService
    4. ExtendedService
  5. True or False: Java Web Start applications run in a secure sandbox by default.

  6. True or False: If a Java Web Start application is running in a secure sandbox, JAR files for the application can reside on different servers.

  7. For a Java Web Start application to support operations outside of the secure sandbox, what must you do with its JAR files?


  1. Write the XML code you would add to a JNLP file in order to request that the application have complete access to the client system.

  2. For a Java Web Start application, you have two icons, one.gif and two.gif, in the images directory in a JAR file. Write the application code you would use to access these images.

Check your answers.

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